Colloaboration with Jake Gunn.

Hard Back, Blind Embossed,
HP Indigo Press
110gsm GF Smith,
Bright White.

Poster Tryptich,
160gsm GF Smith,
Bright White.

We first notice a presence, absence is less observable by definition. Absence is a resounding sensation we are left with when something is paradoxically observed to not be present. This study utilised absence as a compositional motif, around which an aesthetic of absence emerges. The publication presents a collection of visual mnemonics to recall the presence or 'space in between' The images also speak of presence and absence as a quality of sustainability and disappearance in the environment highlighting the degraded absence and loss of localities found in Bristol and referring on a global scale to shrinking polar ice sheets and the deforestation of the Amazon.


Pull Out
Clay Props
Studio Shot

Copyright. Joshua Hayes Davidson