Commissioned by Marcial Boo,
from the charity Tour de Coast

Designed in collaboration with
Alex Loudon, Ines Neto dos Santos
Alex Fergusson, Karen Jiyun Sung,
& Adam Waldron.

Daymark Rotating
Daymark has been designed to work as a network of wayposts installed and located 50 - 90 miles apart around the coastlines of Scotland, England & Wales.

The installation was designed to enhance and extend the experience of visiting lesser-known coastal regions, encouraging geographic curiosity. The installation works as two devices, firstly to frame the horizon and secondly, one hundred drilled holes are used as an embedded system of numbering.

The physical Daymarks have been designed to work in tandem with an associated mobile application and website. Groundwork and stress testing have been carried out by Arup. The full network will be installed by 2020.
Daymark cardboard Metal prototype Metal prototype Metal prototype

- Digital Interaction, App & Website

Digital Interaction


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