Colloaboration with Vicente Esteban Perez.

Hockney Gallery,
Royal College of Art. (2016)

Projection mapping onto miniature copies of the Elgin Marbles, originally found in the temple of the Parthenon, Greece. This is a permanent feature of the Hockney Gallery.

Refuge makes reference to the humanitarian crisis at the fringes of the 'Fortress Europe', drawing attention to the drastic decisions individuals take to save their lives. Leaving family members and a way of life behind, migrants find themselves trapped at the borders of other countries. But at this border the government does not know how to stem the human stream. In Refuge we use the endless human walking chain as cyclical motif to remind our audience about the human condition and to sensitise them to the age long response of the rich country, whose populations fail to realise their privilege, and their borders remain closed to outsiders.

Refuge in situ

Refuge in situ

Copyright. Joshua Hayes Davidson